Republic of Turkey

Ministry of Finance Presidency of Revenue Administration


This declaration affirms Turkish Revenue Administration's devotion to work with the principles of respectful and honesty, within the concept of taxpayer-focused and qualified service, and to solve the problems in order to satisfy everyone who receives service with the conscious that tax paying is not only a responsibility but also a right of being citizen and inquiry.


  • We will serve with clear, reliable and adequate information on time.
  • We will direct you to get in touch with correct people for all sorts of information within the framework of The Law of Information Obtaining Right.
  • We will announce you the improvements about tax by our continuously updated web site and printed documents within the shortest possible time.
  • If you subscribe to our e-mail system which is free of charge, you will learn tax improvements at the source and in the instant.
  • We are respectful to your personal and secret information. We will not explain and use this information except the cases that Tax Procedure Law requires.
  • We will provide you all sorts facility in the fulfillment of your tax obligations.
  • While implementing operations, realizing regulations, we will base on the principle the application of tax laws by fair, legal, impartial and maintaining competition.
  • In the tax examinations we will openly, impartially and consistently implement the tax laws. We will inform you in every stage of tax examination.
  • If you notice your complaints with your true identity and communication information, we will return to you with a result within the shortest possible time.
  • We will renew ourselves consistently and be in search of presenting more qualified service to you.

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